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Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( MCA ) , Department of Income Tax and DVAT Department has been Implemented Usage of Digital Signature Certificate for various transactions to make process User-Friendly and Easy. MCA mandate Use of Class 2 Individual User - Signing ONLY Digital Signature to Incorporate a Private Limited or Limited Company Online through MCA Website. Now e-Filing of maximum ROC / MCA Forms are mandatory to upload Using a Valid Class 2 Digital Signature.

Department of Income Tax, mandate Use of Digital Signature to file their Income Tax Return in 2011 for Assesses whose Turn Over is 60 Lakhs or Above, as it was already Mandatory for Pvt Ltd and Ltd Companies. Department of Delhi VAT ( DVAT ) also Installed PKI Component to Implement to e-Filing VAT Related Documents. Class 2 Digital Signature is also Used for Transfer of Provident Fund , Form 16/16A Signing, e-Mail Signing and much More. Read More About Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate.

e-Governance has been formulated by Government of India in 2006 and various projects under it are already in developing phase. e-Tendering , e-Procurement , e-Ticketing are some of these projects. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is one of compulsory requirement to take part on these platforms. CCA ( Controller of Certifying Authority) has been authorized CA (Certifying Authority) to issue Digital Signature Certificates as per Indian IT Act , 2000.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates are one of the Classes of DSC which is also highest Class of DSC. Basically Class 3 DSC issued to an Authorized Individual or Company Users to do various transactions i.e e-Tendering e-Procurement , e-Ticketing, e-Bidding , e-Auction , Trademark e-Filing , Transfer of Provident Fund , Internet Net Banking and Much More. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates are the highest type of DSC with validity with 1 Or 2 Years. Read More About Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.

DGFT DSC is basically a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate mainly Issued to ONLY Import-Export Organizations. DGFT Department initiated and Mandate Use of Digital Signature Certificate to carry out various transactions over DGFT Website. DGFT DSC is mainly use to process in applying and approval of various license applications through DGFT Portal. After Validating identity of documents , authenticity of sender and other details of DSC, DGFT Department process documents for license.

DGFT basically stands for Directorate General of Foreign Trade is the agency of Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India responsible for administering laws regarding foreign trade and foreign investment in India. Keeping Confidential, Security , Integrity , Time & Money Saving , DGFT mandate Use of Digital Signature Certificate. DGFT DSC can be procured by any Authorized Individual on Behalf of Organization with valid IEC Code. Read More about DGFT Digital Signature Certificates.

Cryptographic USB Token, In General Terms a hardware device or usb token with specially designed and programmed for specific purpose like to Store Digital Signature Certificate or biometric authentication or to store password. It is a physical device to authorize any user by entering a password or something same. In reference to Digital Signature Certificate , we Use and deal in FIPS Certified USB Tokens approved by CCA India under IT Act, 2000.

Famous brands of USB TOkens which are FIPS Certified in India are Aladin e-Token 72K, Trust Key USB Token, Prox Key USB Tokens, e-Pass 2003 Manual & e-Pass 2003 Auto, Gemalto USB Tokens. As per Guideline by CCA India, USB Token must have FIPS Certification to Store DSC in it with a Strong Password to authencate User. Today , This World is Dependent on Computer and Smartphones and the level of Security also increased accordingly. Read More about Cryptographic USB Tokens.

Tally Solutions and Late Shri. S S Goenka , changed the scenario of Indian Accounting Industry with Invention of "Tally" Accounting Software. Tally Solutions benefited over 8.5 Lakh Business in Appox. 100 Countries. Co-Founder, Mr. Bharat Goenka , Currently motivating the Tally Solutions Team and Creating milestones in Indian History. Tally Solutions was the first to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, path-breaking remote functionality and other unique capabilities.

Tally.ERP , Tally Auditor's Edition, Tally Server, Tally Developers, Shoper 9 are the Core Products of Tally Solutions. Recently, Tally Solutions started a new way to Capture the Market with Certified Tally Partners with products in two category, Sales & Implementation and Sales & Solutions. e-Solutions, a Certified Tally Partner deals in Sales and Implementation of Tally Products like Tally.ERP 9, Tally.ERP 9 Auditor's Version for Chartered Accountants. Read More about Tally.ERP 9.

With Implemention of e-Governance , Digital Signature Certificate plays an vital role in this. e-Tendering is the Key Component of e-Governance and PKI is the Core Requirement to Implement Digital Signature Certificates on e-Tendering and alike platforms. PKI Stands for Public Key Infrastructure , which is actually a set of hardware i.e USB TOken, Software i.e Digital Signature Certificate, People i.e User, Policies & Procedures to Create , Manage, Use, Store, Revoke Digital Signatures.

Main Component of an PKI are : i) Certifying Authority Who Issue and Manage Digital Signatures , ii) Registration Authority like e-Secure Services, Who is responsible to Verify authenticity of a User and Send Request to CA to issue DSC, iii) Central Directory - To Store Keys and Related Path, iv) Certificate Management System who manage, control digital signature, v) Certificate Policy. Usage of PKI : Signing and Encryption of e-mail messages, signing and encryption of documents etc. Read more about PKI Solutions.





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We e-Secure Services, Leading Contributor and Provider for PKI Solutions with Channel Network throughout India. Founded in 2006, Established in New Delhi, Our Core Products & Services are PKI Component, Digital Signature Certificates of various Classes, FIPS Cryptographic USB Tokens.

e-Secure Services are having a Valid Registration Authority Badge from e-Mudhra Ltd. & (n)Code Solutions to render Class 2, Class 3 Digital Certificates in India as Per IT Act 2000 Under CCA. We also furnish Internet & Digital Marketing Services Internationally as well as in India with Group Company "Search Rank India".

e-Secure Services is a bunch of highly energetic, trained , professional and hardworking team headed by Mr. Goyal, Founder & CEO having 7 Years of practical encounter in field of IT Consulting & IT Security Products. e-Secure Services kit out 2 Lacs DSC with 300 + channel partners in 7 Years to various clients in India & abroad. Read Out our About Us Page to Read Our Success Story.

e-Secure Services is offering their Digital Signature services in the famous city of India such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Mohali, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Kolkatta, Patna, Ranchi, Bangalore, Kerala, Dehradun, Vadodra, Surat, Orissa, Guhawahti , Bhopal, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai,Thane, Pune and many more cities.

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