DGFT Digital Signature Certificates

DGFT Digital Signature is mandatory to procure to apply Advance Licenses with Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) Websites to Import-Export. DGFT Depatment is responsible for administering rule, regulations and law related to foreign trade and investment in india. DGFT Department mandate Use of Digital Signature Certificate to obtain EPCG License , Advance License, FMS, DFRC and much more which is a time and money saving process. DGFT gives 50 % rebate in total License Fee if License applied by using Digital Signature Certificate Online. In India, DGFT Digital Signature can be procured by One of Any Certifying Authority with help of Registration Authority like e-Secure Services.

To Procure a DGFT DSC, Any Authorized Individual on behalf of EXIM Organization who is having valid IEC Code can apply. IEC Code means Import-Export Code ( IEC ), IEC is basically a Code Issued BY DGFT Department. To obtain DGFT DSC, Applicant must have authorization Letter in favor of himself along with required documents. DGFT Digital Signature is a Category of Class 3 Digital Signature that comes with validity of 1 Years and 2 Years along with USB Tokens. In case of DGFT DSC, ONLY Signing DGFT DSC is required to communicate with DGFT Portal. After Obtaining DGFT DSC, User Need to Plug-In USB Token into PC System to Use it. DGFT Digital Signature can be procured by any Leading RA like e-Secure Services or e-Solutions from Delhi.

    Benefits of DGFT DSC :

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Less Paper Work
  3. Security
  4. Confidentiality , Integrity, Non- Repudiation, thus bringing Trust and Confidence into online experience.

Since a DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is recognised by the legal system and DGFT Department, all documents submitted using a Digital Signature Certificate is considered on par with physically signed documents, and also attract benefits endowed upon them through the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.





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